Do life big and be creative !

This is the all about me page !

My Motto in Life: Do life Big and be creative !

I started a business with my wife a few years ago and opened shop the old way, which is either open a brick and mortar store or have an online store, buy some stock and hope all your stock sells.

Unfortunately it didn’t work too well and had to relearn everything when I found out about Amazon.
I was one of the fortunate who survived and as a result created my own Amazon fb group to help and assist others.

YES you can make money no matter where you are and how little money you start off with.
Someone once said to me “to know and not to do is not to know.”
So take action everyone. Yes that means you who is reading my website, by the way thanks. !!
For some you may be like me, you could have tried many ways and given up.
Well the good news is you can start again.

Since then I have moved onto Etsy, Ebay and Big Commerce.
I dipped my toes into the property market, made some great friends and am now more focused on helping others in more lucrative markets such as Network Marketing, Social Media and more recently become a trader in Bitcoin and Forex.

Since most of the above is now passive, I help mentor students with the above.

This is a personal testimony of where I am today as a result of taking action.

I hope that by reading my story it inspires you in some way or other.
Don’t just read my story, “Please take action”

If you are stuck, please get in touch and I will help you out.

Find your space and be creative in that space wherever you are meant to be.

Shine the light in that space because you own that space.

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